• "I met Tafline a few years ago in Dubai where she was busy covering the many nuanced stories around the environment in the Middle East. Tafline is one of the industry's leading writers and consistently provides the public with in depth and incredibly engaging articles of great interest on relevant and cutting edge topics. There is no journalist I've met who is more dedicated and original."

    Robert Ferry Land Art Generator Initiative
  • "I highly recommend Tafline to any business/creative situation: she is a skilled and compassionate writer/editor, and full of the necessary guts any derring do to go and investigate any situation that piques her unerring curiousity."  

    James Murray-WhiteSky-Larking
  • "I have known Tafline for many years. We met while she was traveling through the Middle East on one of her many journeys. Her exceptional writing skills reflect her passion for protecting the world's natural environment through sustainable development. She is someone who will put herself deep in the situation to be able to bring readers first-hand accounts of her experience. Her determination and courage has made her who she is today; one of the best journalists in her industry."  

    Judy ParkinInterior Blank
  • "I hired Tafline to write for my company, and I must say working with her was a pleasure. Her writing was excellent and she was very professional. Not only that, the work she does for the Green Prophet is always interesting, engaging and well written. I highly recommend Tafline."  

    Natalie LevySky Design
  • "Tafline is the consummate professional writer and team player. Her articles are well crafted, and her committment to the environmental movement shines through her words and story topics. I strongly recommend Tafline for any freelance or other writing opportunities!"  

    Tinamarie BernardMaverick Muse
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